Income-generating Projects Officer (residential care)

Job Description:

  • Initiating and running income generating projects for Residential Care Centre program by making sure the following projects initiated, running and producing products (Centre’s vegetables garden, Chicken’s project, Rabbits’ project, and Maize and beans farm project).

Expected knowledge, skills and attitudes:

  • Project development & business skills
  • Education background in community dev.  and business administration
  • Experience in the development and operations of income developing projects
  • Experience in doing business

Working at the Kili Centre can be a rewarding experience. We expect all our staff to acknowledge that they are working with children who have perhaps not had the best start in life. We expect alongside your duties that you take time to interact with them and become an important role model. All roles are currently available on a volunteer basis until such time that the centre starts to generate the required funds to include salaries for all staff.

If you want to get in touch with us regarding this vacancy, please click here!


  1. Bilitis Denegri says:


    Curriculum Vitae

    Personal information
    First name(s) / Surname Bilitis Cristiana Denegri
    Address Viale Aldo Moro 321
    I-07026 Olbia (Italy)
    Mobile (+39) 3290813931
    Fax (+39) 078953928
    Nationality Italian
    Date of birth 17 Mar 78
    Gender Female

    Education and training

    Dates 92 – 97
    Title of qualification awarded Diploma in Tourism Management
    Name and type of organisation providing education and training Istituto Professionale Alberghiero
    Level in national or international classification 94/100

    Work experience

    Dates 98 – 05
    Occupation or position held Area Manager Sardinia
    Main activities and responsibilities (Sardinia) Regional Director of three branches. The main and essential skill is the problem solving attitude. Responsible also for recruiting Branch Managers. I developed every department ensuring good service and increasing sales. I also covered Fleet Manager duties.
    Name and address of employer Mr. Daniele Sanna

    Type of business or sector Car rental

    Dates 05 →
    Occupation or position held Owner and manager of a guesthouse
    Main activities and responsibilities I am currently managing a guesthouse in the Emerald Coast, Sardinia.
    Type of business or sector Tourism

    Personal skills and competences

    Mother tongue(s) Italian

    Other language(s)

    Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing
    European level (*) Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
    English C1 Proficient user C1 Proficient user C1 Proficient user C1 Proficient user B2 Independent user
    Portuguese B1 Independent user A2 Basic User B1 Independent user B1 Independent user A1 Basic User
    Spanish / Castilian A2 Basic User A2 Basic User A2 Basic User A2 Basic User A1 Basic User
    (*) Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level

    Social skills and competences *Good abilities for synthetic and global views over concrete situations.
    *Problem-solving attitude.
    *Responsibility, Self-respect and self-reliance.
    *Strong referential values of fairness, equity and dignity.
    *Ability to establish and maintain good working relations with people of different national and cultural backgrounds.
    *Ability to live and/or serve in hardship locations.
    *Fast learner

    Computer skills and competences Proficient in Word, Excel, Access PowerPoint, Internet and email

    Artistic skills and competences Photography and music passionate

    Driving licence(s) International driving licence B category

    I authorize treatment of my personal data, including sensible data, according to D.L. n. 196/2003.

    Please consider me for this job although I still have no experience in NGO managemente I am a fast learner and I am willing to start a new project.


    Bilitis Denegri

  2. telley says:

    hello, tutto ok? good luck withe job, hope get it, you are best with children. wish we could one day meet con calmer. ti voglio bene. love always…..we could chat on face-book. love u always, suffered and learnt….take care and good year.

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