Sponsor the Kids!

Orphans & Street Children

You can donate towards a child holistically for access to residential care, education and/or outreach services by committing to $90 a month or $1080 a year.

Donations can be received via Credit Card by clicking here:

If you prefer you can send money via bank transfer:

  • Bank: Standard Chartered Bank Tanzania Ltd.
  • Account No: 0102.0701.73500
  • Account name: Kili Centre


  1. james says:

    my name is james temu i would like to come to center for just supporting the kids on football game.

  2. Elin Flaglien says:

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope this year will bring you joy, and the best of luck with the moving of the centre. Hopefully everything will be easier for all of you now.

    Love, Elin

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