Outreach Program

This program intends to work with communities in order to find out the long term solution of child vulnerability in Kilimanjaro region. In working together with communities and other interested parties on children’s matters the long term goal is to reintegrate children back to their communities of origin.

Program outputs are:

  • 500 orphans and street children identified, interviewed, home/community visited, reintegrated, followed up and supported to remain at their communities of origins throughout project period.
  • 500 poor parents/relatives of orphans and street children are supported with business capital start up throughout project period.

As a result the following problems that this project is intending to help solve will be addressed;

  • Orphans and street children whose rights are violated on the streets will be disengaged from all forms of violence because of their participation in the project. This will be achieved through street work (identification of orphans and street children on the streets, interviewing them, trust building with them, informing them about reintegration services that are provided by Kili Centre, encouraging new comers on the streets to utilize reintegration services as soon as possible and working with people close to street environment (informants) in order to encourage children to utilize reintegration services).
  • Orphans and street children who have no access to residential care and reintegration services will access them through referrals that will be made to Kili Centre and other service providers in Kilimanjaro region.
  • The reasons that drove these children from their homes in the first place will be resolved during reintegration processes. The project will work together with children’s parents, relatives, community leaders and religious leaders in order to address the reasons that drove them from their homes to streets. The project will also take into consideration children’s rights to protection and development throughout reintegration processes and even when after they will have been reintegrated for the period of one year by making follow ups.

One Comment


    Hey Children’s stakeholders,Kindly i would like to say that you are doing a good job of saving our children cos these watoto ni wetu sote,M also working with children in a program of Giving Rights To The Silent Majority in Children In Tanzania,Real watoto are getting troubles and sometimes they have no where to speak of their problems or issues,but my dear ones while struggling against children Rights VIOLATION we need time too to let them know on their ACCOUNTABILITY

    Najua hapo kuna waswahili pia they can elaborate this in case watoto wengi wamekuwa wakifundishwa juu ya haki zao and they tahe them negatively without wao kujua kuwa pia wana wajibu dhidi ya haki zao

    For real watoto karibia wote Tanzania matatizo yao yanafanana,mimi i am coordinating this program zonal wise nakutana na watoto wanaclaim on the matatizo ya watoto wenzao ni all the same,

    Lakini pia watoto wanapendana sana hivyo yatupasa tuwapende pia, at my program watoto presents their issues thru CHILDREN’S COUNCIL (MABARAZA YA WATOTO) KUANZIA VILLAGE,WARDS TO DISTRICT LEVEL.

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