Our programs

The purpose of Kili Centre is to provide protection and development services to orphans and street children in Kilimanjaro Region. In order to realize this purpose, Kili Centre had to initiate different programs (projects) that have direct relationship with this purpose for maximum positive outputs.

These programs are such as;

  • Residential care program

    This program intends to provide safe place for Orphans and Street Children who have no alternative to protection services. It also intends to initiate and run incomes generating projects for food sustainability at the Residential Care Centre. (more…)

  • Education program

    This program intends to provide education (development) services to Orphans and Street Children who have no access to education services. The targeted types of children are those on the streets, at the residential care centre and in the rural communities of Uru and Kibosho. (more…)

  • Outreach program

    This program intends to work with communities in order to find out the long term solution of child vulnerability in Kilimanjaro region. In working together with communities and other interested parties on children’s matters the long term goal is to reintegrate children back to their communities of origin. (more…)

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