Our operations would not in any way have been possible without but not limited to the following people and institutions that assisted us with financial help or by working with us and the children at the centre…!

  1. Lisa Flooks Jorgensen from Spain
  2. Tierra De Amani (Spain)
  3. Spanish Local Government (Mancomunidad de la Costa del Sol)
  4. Michael & Liz Barry from UK.
  5. Cross Cultural Solutions (Tanzania)
  6. Anne and Karen from Scotland
  7. Jebel Ali International Hotels (Dubai, Saudi Arabia)
  8. Charlotte Jenkins from UK.
  9. Sandy Nesin from USA
  10. Deborah Causton from UK
  11. Elizabeth Hogan from USA
  12. Tanzania Breweries Ltd-Moshi branch (Moshi, Tanzania)
  13. Founder (Michael Mpombo)
  14. Children, staff and volunteers of Kili Centre