About us

KiliCentreKili Centre is a Tanzanian registered NGO, non-religious, non-profit making and non-political organization (registration number 07NGO/1812). It was founded in June 2006 and is situated in the Kilimanjaro Region – Moshi District, Uru Kusini Ward in a small village known as Kariwa. The Kili Centre’s intentions are to provide protection, development and reintegration services for orphans and street children in Tanzania. The organisation runs three major programs: Provisional Residential Care Centre (PRCC), Child Development Centre (CDC) and Child Reintegration Services (CRS).

Our Vision:

To help create a world where all children have equal opportunities regardless of their background.

Our Mission:

To work towards empowering children through provision of services such as Provisional Residential Care Centre (PRCC), Child Development Centre (CDC) & Child Reintegration Services (CRS).

Our beliefs/driving force:

Kili Centre believes that when children fail to develop their capabilities it is not just a loss to them but also their communities, the nation and the world as a whole. Kili Centre works with orphans and street children in Tanzania. It upholds their rights to live in safety, to receive education and to participate in decisions affecting their lives. The Kili Centre assists the children to become healthy, well-adjusted adults. We believe that only by working with them, their families, communities, other organisations and the government authorities we can address the root causes behind their issues.

Our Objectives

  • To provide protection and development services to orphans and street children in Kilimanjaro region through provisional residential care centre, child development centre, child reintegration services, community based mechanisms that address child vulnerability and referrals to other service providers within Kilimanjaro region and Tanzania as a whole.
  • To equip orphans and street children with life skills and vocational training for self-reliance.
  • To educate the community about the causes and needs of orphans and street children.
  • To network with other like-minded organizations and individuals to exchange ideas, experiences and techniques so that together we can build a stronger and more caring community.


  1. telley says:

    good luck with the project.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Hello, I`m very interested in your project. I`m living in Moshi as a Volunteer and I work also with an orphan centre in Moshi, Pasua: Kilimanjaro Orphans Center.
    You are an good example for us how to do such a good thing.
    Maybe it would be possible for me to visit your orphans centre? because i didn`t find your adress.
    This would be nice and a great pleassure to me if you reply on this mail.

    Asante sana


  3. kinsley opoku ware says:

    God of life of kids in this time is God life of men .thanks for the good work of kilicentre.org. pla l am the Father ot Tk -Afriak Foundation,in Ghana. and we work with kids like as you do . pls l will like to come for a visit your happy
    Organization .thank’s you
    Mr.Kingsley Opoku ware

    you can find us in facebook -Tk-afrika Ngo

  4. Therese says:

    You are doing a great job!! These kids are happy to have you :)
    keep u the good work!

  5. Japhary Salum says:

    Congratulations for the good work you are doing to help the Tanzanian children. Keep it up!

  6. Bariki Minja says:

    Congratulation for the great job your doing, I’m a graduate from University of Dodoma pursued a bachelor of arts in sociology, I’m interested with your objectives as well as mission, i will like to work with your as volunteer if possible, you can answer through my mail address thanks

  7. Deus Eliackim Mubungo says:

    congratulation for helping children in need,i appreciate your initiatives

  8. Wulule joshua Carr says:

    hi i have a passion to help the street children and i will be very happy if i can be a partner with you project to help street and orphanage children i live in Cameroon and i have found that street children have much talent that are wasting thanks and i wait on your respond

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